Many ways with Mint.

Most people overlook mint when it is growing, and to be honest it can be a leaf that grows uncontrollably, unless contained so what to do with it?

First when I had mint growing it was the general; pick some leaves, add to salads or meals but it was all getting saming!

Then summer came, that brings another opportunity to use some more- mint tea anyone? Mint teas coolers in summer are a favourite!

No a tea fan? Add some to Pimms, or other alcoholic drinks, the freshness really changes the flavour. No need to buy shop brought again.

I use a lot of mint now in my recipes, I grind it up in a pestle and mortar to use in rubs and marinades, added to soups and curries. Or how about with some lamb if you are a meat eater? Mint sauce anyone?

I have also invested in a dehydrator, drying out the leaves and then grinding them to save in jars to use as dried herbs when I want.. it means fresh mint can be used and stored, never wasted!

Recently I was suggested mint cordial? A little mint syrup just stored, ready to use when needed.. to add to cakes, or even a rum drink, Pimms or whatever you fancy? Mint cordial anyone?

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