Empanada Lover!

As mentioned I love pastry, sometimes I think I could just eat it raw.. like cookie dough hehe. Empanadas I love and any other filled parcels, be it filo, puff or shortcrust.

I gave sundried tomato and feta empanadas a go. They were lovely, an instant hit so much so I had to make them the next day too..

Spinach and feta, mango and spicy ratatouille fillings also are good to try. I love going out for tapas and trying the variations that are on offer. One of the things I love about going out for food is getting inspired. Taking flavours or dishes then trying them out at home. Even if you do not want to make you own pastry (because lets face it, not everyone does- or sometimes you just do not have the time) you can buy shop brought and just have fun with the filling!

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