Sunday Funday Scones

I have been deciding on flavours all week, but since the foodies festival last weekend and seeing Grace do rum soaked raisins and choco chip, I mean.. yep totally trying those! Charlotte also mentioned she loved peanut butter and would like to see that in a scone. So got me thinking, cheese and peanut butter of course! Everyone knows this is a firm fav flavour combo of mine, be it on croissants, crumpets or toasties.. Cheese scones work so definitely one for me to try out!

I used both Grace's original recipe to replicate her scones and then used the base of Katy's vegan scone to adapted for my own. I made a choco chip and raisin scone- totally vegan, although in this recipe I used standard self raising flour, so not gluten free. The other batch I made vegan and gluten free for my cheese and peanut butter bake.

Literally THE BEST THING EVER.. it might sound nuts but definitely you have to give it a try! It's savoury and cheesy, also a little salty and you get hits of cheese and then peanut butter.. LOVEEEE!

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