Summer loving💚☀💚

Something quick, simple and different to do with peppers? Being a vegetarian doesn't mean I only eat stuffed peppers! (In fact I rarely do). Today I saw a recipe online for a pepper salad.. so yep I made my own variation of pepper salad and slaw!  Ligthly frying off pepper in olive oil, with seasoning then coating in toasted seeds, herbs and a chilli and mango dressing. Topped off with black bomber cheese and some of yesterday's raw slaw! Hello summer on my plate💚☀🍮 Give it ago for a quick healthy salad😀  

Whilst preparing this I went to fetch some beetroot from the garden ... more veg ready to use, but for what I wonder? Let's see what else inspires me this week.. carrot and beet salad will be up there as always..but what else? Hmmm

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