Rhubarb secret is out!

Evening all, I hope you are enjoying the lovely British weather? I have had such a busy week, and with being in Blackheath again this weekend for the next Foodies Festival, I've been running out of time to use the rhubarb! 

So yes, originally rhubarb cordial was on the menu, but I changed my mind!!😀

Rhubarb Gin!!😉👌 

I wanted to try out a new flavour and thought a spring/summer mix, as well as those I will be making this autumn. The rhubarb I have growing in my garden is coming to the end, so my last chance to use it for something different😊 

I have tried rhubarb gin before and loved it, so had to make my own... I might make a quick rhubarb and strawberry one too, what do you think? 

Homemade tipples are simple to make and taste so much better when made yourself, so give it a go, with whatever flavour suits you!! 

I will be sure to share how it tastes;-) roll on autumn and more batch bottling💚 

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