Carrington Foods.

On my foodies page I have mentioned this brand before. I found them at a previous food festival and since then have been obsessed! Yes I have a slight addiction to chilli and all things spicy, but even if you don't they have a product for you. They have a range of ketchups, rubs, oils and pastes to experiment with- so why not go ahead and create your new dish? Flavours range from mild to extra hot, instant kicks and the growers.. so depending how hot you can handle to what you should choose!

I am lucky enough to have a selection of all of the products in my kitchen and am happy to support and promote their brand. But if you just want one item it still can be used in a variety of ways. Take the rub for example, a powder form which can be used yes, surprisingly as a rub. Wack it onto meat, tofu or polenta if that's your thing.. create a tasty marinade or even add some into pastry or dough? Adding a little kick whether subtle or head blowing can really change your dish. My instagram @leewood_roots regularly posts me using the products, so possible recipe ideas for you or inspiration to create something yourself?

Carringtons were back at foodies this weekend and sampling a new product too, chilli paste.. I haven't tried it yet but I am sure I will find a way to use it this week.. they attend regular food events so go follow them and get your hands on the brand! You can check them out on instagram @carringtonfoods and also find a link to their website on my foodies page.


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