Tuk Tuk Chai

Food events are a great way to discover new and upcoming brands, and for the producers, a way to get discovered and get their name out and recognised.

Events like Foodies Festival allows you to try everything from the ordinary to the extraordinary, picking up flavours and inspiration from places other than the local supermarket.

Products such as Tuk Tuk Chai, (whom I had never heard of) I came across at the weekend and wanted to share them with you. I am always looking for new products to try and review, and here I found the perfect one, which I think needs a share and some loving!

Tuk Tuk Chai produce Chai Tea but not as you know it. I am a huge fan of Chai flavours, be it in tea, latte, hot chocolate or whatever else someone wants to use me as a guinea pig for. Their tea in not like one I have tried before, I had it cold as it was a hot day but it can be enjoyed warm too… it was rich, fragrant and creamy with subtle warming flavours hitting the palate. In 3 different flavours, masala, cardamom and ginger there is a range to suit your spice level. I very much enjoyed the masala flavour, they even use their products to make cocktails! Win Win!

I tried a tea in their own cocktail recipe, but as you can imagine, perfect in a baileys complementing the creaminess but taking it to a whole new level!

I was very impressed with this brand and it seems others are getting behind them too! They are finalists of the Foodpreneur 2017 competition, (a competition to discover the best food and drink startups) and I think they deserve to go all the way – wishing them all the luck!!

It definitely is an enjoyable and innovative product which I would recommend you go and try, let me know what you think and show your support for them too!!

Currently they can be found in Harvey Nichols and Urban Food Fest.

Below is a link to their website.. go check it out!

http://www.tuktukchai.co.uk/ or follow them on instagram @tuktukchai

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