Vita Coco

Today many people are choosing an alternative to dairy, be it due to a vegan diet, lactose intolerance, health kick or just becuase! I am a fan of Alpro products, regularly drinking their soya milk: vanilla, coconut, chocolate, rice, hemp etc... but some coconut milks or water I haven't really enjoyed. Vita Coco I found and have tried on a few occasions now and would definitely recommend it! It is vegan friendly plant based goodness, you can use it with cereal, smoothies, o natural or in baking..the possibilities are endless! They also do Coconut Oil products which can be used in food or in beauty, so a two in one perfect buy!

Try it out for yourself- they regularly attend food events, such as the Foodies Festival which is currently popping up around the UK, so you can try before you buy! :-)

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