Wolverhampton Food and Drink Festival

The West Midlands were celebrating the very best of Wolverhampton last weekend with the “First Ever” Food and Drink Festival, displaying local produce as well as international cuisine. Live music and entertainment also lined the streets. The event in Wolverhampton (unlike others held in open parks), entertained the streets... nothing big and showy just good fun had by all! An enjoyable day out, which definitely proved popular, with more tickets having to be put on offer after outselling the original batch!! You could walk the streets passing by food and drink stalls- offering food to sample and food to buy, including “Street Food, Craft Ales, Cocktail Bar, Gin Shack and a Champagne & Prosecco Bar”. The crowds came out as well as the good weather. At the bottom end of the roads you could find the live music and entertainment, showcasing local acts who are sure to become stars in the future! Entertainment included “Open Air Cinema, Live Bands, Face Painting, a Designated Family Area and Traditional Fairground Stalls”. Another event which brings the young and old together through the shared passion of food. A food event could never appeal to only one age group, or one type of person, because let’s face it we all love good food!! Let’s hope this will encourage more local festivals across the West Midlands and for the event to return next year!! Below are some photos from the popup stalls. 

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