The less traditional food of Madrid

I always like to try new food when I am away. Finding a quirky spot that is not the tradition, somewhere with atmosphere and great tasting menus! Yes local cuisine is always good to try but I have been to Spain so many times now, that eating Spanish dishes has become like eating British cuisine.

The first night I was in Madrid my friend took me to a little vegan and vegetarian restaurant (Madrid seemed to be full of them actually). It served up quick and simple dishes to be enjoyed at any time of the day, on the go or sit in. Myself and my friend ended up having the same plate, a vegetarian, vegetable wrap filled with mozzarella, spinach, pesto, tomato and black olives. It was very tasty and with una Caña de Cerveza I was easily satisfied. The place "La Harina" offered freshly baked breads and cakes available as a takeaway menu, various sit down sarnies, pittas, flatbreads, salads and sides.. A place I definitely would recommend, with food on a budget it will have you covered!

Friday night was also a little bit different from the traditional... “La Hummuseria". A vegetarian and vegan restaurant that caters in, yep you guessed it- Hummus! There are tapas sharing bowls with loads of varieties of hummus to choose from. (So at least with the tapas style sharing bowls, it took some influence from Spanish tradition). The bowls were all served with warm freshly baked pitta breads, and we also chose a salad to accompany our hummus.

One bowl was a mushroom stew hummus served with boiled egg (it doesn't sound too nice but trust me it was!!). The second bowl was a green tahini hummus, it had a strong coriander flavour and was served with chickpeas too. The salad was a spring salad, in a citrus vinaigrette with dates, grapes, mango, mixed rocket and salad leaves. Really tasty and refreshing- and it was the perfect meal for me not too heavy seeing as I am not used to eating at 22.30pm. One thing I found funny was the entrée we were served... Being a vegetarian I always get asked the same question "if you are a vegetarian what do you eat? Lettuce?" ...And as you can guess they served us a bowl of lettuce😂 I did laugh!!

Either way I was happy with the little places I found, it is nice to be able to go somewhere and have a menu that caters for you! I found some other cool places too that I will be sharing soon!:-)

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