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Q: Looking for a character set implementation for various languages I'm looking for a library that will allow me to do things like: #include "Charset_UTF_8.h" (This is for C++) I don't want to have to go to the source for each language to implement this. Is there anything out there that does this? A: Try language-independent solution like this one or this one. If you are talking about a library, you need to look for something like, for example: where you can download individual libraries or you can download the whole boost for your language. If you want to use the source, or implement something yourself, you should look at the unicode (ISO 10646) standard. Q: Can I run PHPUnit 7 on Google App Engine (GCloud) PHP version 6.5.3? I have a requirement to run my PHP unit tests on the Google App Engine (GAE) environment. I am using PHPUnit 6 (which is supported) with the Google Cloud Tools (GCloud). Is there any way of getting PHPUnit 7 (which I need) to run on GAE PHP version 6.5.3? Although it is not officially supported by Google, there are many ways to run tests on Google App Engine. The preferred and most supported way is to use the official GCP PHP SDK which is based on the Google App Engine PHP SDK that can be found here Before you install the Google PHP SDK, you should make sure that you are installing the correct PHP version. The SDK currently supports GAE 1.9.4 and higher. The Google PHP SDK will give you a complete developer environment with tools such as: phpunit phpunit-selenium php-redis php-redis-server php-inspector php-tokencache php-curl php-gmp php-pear php-cron php-cli php-date php-memcached php-ext-zip php-ftp php-xml php-xhprof php-intl php-gzip php-mbstring You can also install the Google



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Asymetrix 3dfx 2.0 Free Download
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